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Maine based stand up Comedian "Krazy Jake"  Hodgdon is One of New England's fast rising comedy stars. He is a cast member on the TV show "Yankee Jungle" on Animal Planet and he is also currently developing a pilot for his own national TV show.  As a Stand up comedian, Krazy Jake has performed multiple times at many of the largest theaters and concert venues in New England. He is also a regular guest on over a dozen radio stations throughout the Northeast. These days, After spending 3 years performing as part of the Bob Marley Comedy Tour,  Krazy Jake headlines his own busy Comedy tour and performs over 100 times annually, mostly throughout New England and Atlantic Canada. In The Movies: You can catch Jake in the new Independent Film 'Wheel It Hard" due for release in the fall of 2017. Come out and Experience the high energy blue collar comedy tornado that is a Krazy Jake Comedy show and see for yourself what the buzz is all about! You'll laugh like hell and have a Krazy good time! 

Serrussly Funny Sh*t!!!
See Jake on the new hit show "Yankee Jungle" on Animal Planet